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Let’s assume that most men have a stronger sex drive than women for the moment, does that mean that once they have committed to her, they can’t control it?

What would men think if their wives cheated on them every time they were on a work trip?

In this image, Horton is holding his first published work, and Tate does the loveliest job of capturing the satisfaction and joy of having at least one of your deepest dreams come true.

*** Coming up in more Magical Moments this week: a delicious and delirious dinner with six Candlewick authors, what Brene Brown said to Josie, a great speech from Jackie Woodson, hilarity from Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen, charm from Jennifer L. Plus, some requests I have for the American Booksellers Association.

Maybe I’d get her number, maybe we’d make out, maybe we’d go home together. I’d even go so far as to say most of the time, pickup is a messy affair. I mean, c’mon: some of the things he gets away with are ridiculous. There IS a perfect line, perfect time to approach, perfect everything, and unless you’re psychic, you’ll never get it. She’s going to be with friends, or the bartender, or she’s going to be on her phone. If you approach well, she’ll be pleased to talk to you.

Whatever the outcome, it would be easy and seemless; a breeze. Check out this scene from Thunderball: Do you really think that if you did that to a woman you just met, she’d be all over your dick? But with practice, you can do well enough that the imperfections will be overlooked, and the stuff you did well will stay with her. If she’s in a coffee shop, she’ll be on her laptop working. The interaction will go great, and you’ll hit it off.

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